Azure Assist Services


Success in Azure requires a comprehensive and deliberate approach to managing and maintaining cloud infrastructure. However, this success is difficult to achieve – many organizations do not have the expertise, time, tools or discipline required to properly manage cost, security, backup or other operations in Azure.

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The most robust solution for streamlined Azure management. With expertise, tooling, and processes, Azure Assist empowers you to fully manage and optimize your Azure environment. VIAcode’s experts stand ready to support with any required actions, ensuring you can consistently make informed decisions to optimize your Azure operations. And, unlike traditional MSPs, Azure Assist delivers unmatched transparency and expertise, making it the premier option for maximizing the ROI of your Azure infrastructure.

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Azure Assist Services

Azure Assist Services are available bundled or as individual subscriptions, depending on your financial management, security and operations needs. Each service includes the expertise, tooling and processes needed to effectively manage different areas of Azure:

24/7 monitoring

Continuous, real-time monitoring of your Azure resources, ensuring the security and performance of your infrastructure.

Problem identification, triage and resolution

Fast detection and resolution of issues in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your Azure environment.

Advisory support

Expert guidance empowers you to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your Azure investment

Scheduled assessments

Proactively evaluate and optimize your Azure resources on a regular cadence, so your infrastructure remains efficient and cost-effective.

Proactive services

VIAcode’s experts anticipate your Azure needs, recommending and delivering timely solutions to enhance performance and security.

VIAcode becomes an extension to your team, acting as your Virtual Cloud Center of Excellence (vCCoE) and ensuring Azure is fully and properly managed and optimized.

With each subscription, VIAcode takes on all of the foundational work required to properly and fully manage Azure – we bring the expertise, technology and processes, and we do it at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Cost Management

The Azure Assist – Cost Management subscription helps you align your cloud investments with business expectations. Azure Assist – Cost Management includes monitoring of your Azure spend, budgeting and forecasting, along with visibility into cost allocation, cost deviations and more. You will also receive regular cost optimization recommendations that are unique to your Azure environment, helping you to save as much as 30% of your annual costs.


The Azure Assist – Security subscription helps you protect your IT systems and ensure your Azure environment meets compliance requirements, In addition to detecting and triaging security alerts and alerting you to configuration changes, our experts will regularly review your security posture and identify security optimization recommendations. Azure Assist – Security also provides compliance tracking for regulatory and industry standards.


The Azure Assist – Operations subscription ensures resiliency and business continuity. The service includes monitoring of your Azure health, specifically replication, backup execution and compliance. VIAcode’s Azure operations experts will review and update lists of critical workloads, schedule updates and patching, and create policies to ensure backup compliance.

Why VIAcode?

No Microsoft partner is more experienced.
VIAcode has over 20 years of experience delivering Microsoft-branded solutions for management, operations and migration. We are a Microsoft Managed Partner and have earned four Microsoft solution designations.

We are the Azure experts.
VIAcode is one of only a few partners with Advanced Specialization in Azure Migration. In addition, our CEO, Victor Mushkatin, was Group Program Manager on the Microsoft Azure Product Team from 2010-2018 where he envisioned and led development of Microsoft’s Azure Application Insights.

Microsoft trusts us and relies on us.
VIAcode has an ongoing development partnership with the Microsoft Azure and SQL product teams.
Our development efforts include:

  • Microsoft’s Azure demo platform used by Microsoft cloud solution architects (CSAs) worldwide
  • Microsoft’s Universal Voice of the Customer product feedback platform

VIAcode has earned the following Microsoft Solution Designations: