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VIAcode CEO Interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio

Peter Buchanan Shares Insights on His Role as CEO


West Hartford, CT, May 1, 2014….VIAcode Consulting, a rapidly growing software development company that serves major software vendors and Fortune 1000 companies, today announced that Company CEO Peter Buchanan was interviewed on the nationally syndicated radio program, Executive Leaders Radio. The program spotlights highly entrepreneurial business leaders across a broad spectrum of industries and company sizes. These CEOs share how they were able to build their enterprise as well reveal their personal secrets of success. The interviews focus on eliciting insights on key characteristics of winning leadership styles and on "what makes people tick.".

There were three important themes in the interview:

  1. Manage the individual. Mr. Buchanan described the importance of making the time to work with colleagues to make them successful in their individual roles. One person might be incredibly self-motivated while another needs to be coaxed along -- yet both are very talented, he explained. It is imperative as a leader to take the time to individually make each person better, he added. He referenced his prior work as a strategy consultant for large and small companies as providing a foundation for his management style at VIAcode.
  2. Find the pattern. He also discussed the importance 'pattern matching' in business, which he defines as "identifying the three most important things about the business and organizing the other 3,000 things you also know to serve those themes." This allows him to organize information efficiently to make decisions and to present vital information to his colleagues in a way that improves individual and company performance.
  3. Do the hard thing. Mr. Buchanan discussed what it means to 'take on the hard thing' whether it relates to his personal life or career. He related anecdotes about overcoming the challenge of being legally blind, dealing with jobs that did not work out, and even shuttering a business during the dot-com bust. He describes his relationship with adversity or failure as always being ready "to figure out the next thing."

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About Executive Leaders Radio

Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication. This highly popular radio program shares the stories and wisdom of leaders like Peter Buchanan with a diverse listener audience with the goal of helping others achieve success. "These high achieving leaders become relatable role models to our listeners," explains the program co-host Peter Schwartz.

The show can also be found on 14 terrestrial radio stations in 11 states, including WFED1500 – also known as Federal News Radio – in Washington, DC, where Mr. Buchanan lives. It is also available on iTunes, Podcast Alley, ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com, Radio.com, and in many other popular podcast directories.

About VIAcode

VIAcode builds and delivers commercial and "internal" software products that make a difference for its customers. The company radically enhances technical capabilities of our clients by deploying world-class technologists throughout the software development lifecycle to deliver high quality software products on time and on budget. Viacode’s clients include large software product companies, technology start-ups, and Fortune 1000 companies. VIAcode is an Amazon Web Services Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance.

To learn more, visit www.viacode.com


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