The sexy mobile app is just the beginning.

Like with large-scale web and enterprise apps, successful mobile apps require a supporting infrastructure that handle the load and deliver the right content quickly over unpredictable carrier and wifi networks.

We understand the whole mobile universe. Our team includes expert mobile architects with a deep understanding of both back-end and front-end development technologies. Our approach to building mobile applications relies on rock-solid back-end infrastructure, communication with mobile devices, and effective collection, analysis, and use of data generated by your mobile users. And, of course, we build great apps, too.

We can design, develop and test your mobile applications across all of the major mobile OS platforms - iOS, Android, and Windows 8/Phone. Our technologists bring the ‘best practice’ approaches in mobile development to user interface design, storage, connectivity, app performance, and end-user and server-side security. We understand portability requirements and how to ensure scalability for your mobile apps today and over time.


What We Deliver

  • Mobile Strategy Development – where we help you set your mobile applications and infrastructure priorities, analyze the current state in mobile, create the requirements and roadmap for your mobile applications and select the tools you’ll need to get the job done.
  • Mobile Applications Development – where we work with your technology and business teams through multiple releases to create and update the applications, middleware, back-end services and integrations necessary to deliver your mobile applications company-wide or to your customers-at-large.
  • Mobile Application Extensions – which add mobile to existing enterprise applications. This includes:
    • Analyzing the current state of the applications and infrastructure and recommending mobile-related application and infrastructure changes to support mobile.
    • Building the mobile application extensions.
    • Deploying DevOps services to make sure your mobile app extensions are deployed smoothly.
  • Mobile Support teams – that can leverage the tools we’ve built for your company as well as commercial tools to find and deliver the answers you.


  • Extend the reach of your business to wherever your employees, partners, and customers are located.
  • Gain beautiful, usable applications across all major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Obtain an infrastructure that can more than support your mobile demand.
  • Get integration of your mobile applications and infrastructure into your current IT environment.
  • Gain insight through your mobile applications that enables you to run your business more effectively.

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