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With the massive growth of the Cloud, Big Data, and mobile infrastructure, IT Management is getting more complex, not less. VIAcode is up to this challenge.

VIAcode is a world leader in the development of applications that expand and enhance IT Management software platforms. We conceived, developed and enhanced Intercept Studio, the first and most advanced solution for monitoring .Net applications in operation. Microsoft acquired Intercept Studio in 2010 and has integrated it as a major, new component in System Center Operations Manager 2012.


IT Management Software Experience

We have built dozens of management packs, integrators, orchestrators, and configurators that enable the management of third-party applications within System Center and other datacenter software platforms. Lately, our work has expanded to include Big Data for the datacenter and implementation of Open Stack for Linux-centric datacenters.

IT Management Practice Areas

  • Integrating data center and Cloud operations to enable seamless IT Management.
  • Creating software for technology companies that integrate their hardware and software products into data center software platforms so that they can be centrally managed.
  • Working with corporate IT departments to integrate their custom applications into datacenter software platforms.
  • Helping companies optimize the performance of System Center and other datacenter software platforms by improving application integration, configuration and monitoring.
  • Leveraging Big Data tools to analyze the performance of network, servers and applications to identify IT bottlenecks and recommend solutions that improve performance and eliminate faults.

IT Management Acceleration

Full-Lifecycle Application Performance Monitoring

Covers the full implementation of APM practices in your organization. Our implementation approach is comprehensive:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Elaboration (if necessary)
  • Design and plan adjustments
  • Monitoring infrastructure setup
  • Training
  • Iterative Improvements
  • Premium Support

Integrated Datacenter – Cloud Management

Allows your operations team to manage both internal and cloud-based resources and applications through a single pane of glass.

Management Packs

Enables hardware and software makers to make their products manageable in real-time inside of Microsoft System Center so IT managers can resolve issues faster, increase system availability, reduce the number of support inquiries and improve the overall customer experience

Integration Packs

Automate routine tasks by creating visual workflows and run books, which decrease the cost of operations, increase ROI, promote use of your products and applications, and improve the user experience.

Configuration Management

Enables IT managers to track and manage inventory, patch and update systems, audit configurations, spot and remediate configuration issues quickly, and implement best practices in Configuration Management.



  • Lower total cost of ownership in data center operations.
  • Reduce cost of support for IT infrastructure and applications in operation.
  • Less downtime for IT infrastructure and business-critical applications.
  • Early warning on potential adverse events in your IT infrastructure.
  • Increased automation that makes management of critical infrastructure easier and more reliable.
  • Real-time monitoring of your applications in action both in the Cloud and on premise.

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