IT Accelerators

We frequently partner with our clients to develop reusable software components that we call IT Accelerators.


IT Accelerators save development time, improve application performance, and reduce upfront and on-going costs. It’s a win/win for VIAcode and our for clients, because we can spend more of our time working on the most valuable parts of your applications. We make these available for free to our clients, upon request. Contact us for more information on the Accelerator of choice below.


We believe that our customers deserve a great IT Management experience. Therefore, we have developed a series of accelerators that save time, improve application performance, and reduce upfront and on-going costs. Our current set of components includes:

  • MP Mocco, which enables an IT department to design and prototype a Management Pack to see how it will operate without having to program it first.
  • MP Tatoo, which automates and dramatically reduces the time required to test, stage, and deploy a Management Pack.
  • MP Wiki, which provides automatically generated documentation for Management Packs related to classes, discoveries, rules, monitors. and override-able parameters. Using MP Wiki, you can see how health rolls up from monitor to monitor, which functionality is enabled by default and what other functionality can be enabled as needed.
    • Public MP Wiki provides free documentation for the most popular Management Packs, including Lync Server, Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, Office Communications and more.
    • Private MP Wiki provides the ability for you to create your own documentation for your custom management packs.

    Learn more about the public Management Packs that MP Wiki supports and download a free trial here.

  • MP Tuner, which improves the usability of Systems Center Operations Manager by radically enhancing its monitoring capabilities. Key additions include:
    • Override Tables, which provide a filterable, sortable and editable grid of existing overrides through SCOM.
    • Effective Tables, which offers a filterable, sortable and editable grid of override-able parameters' effective values.
    • Parameter Map, which enables a single view, editable representation of a parameter overrides for the entire data center.
    • Override Set, which provides an editable set of override values that can be applied to object, class, group or entire data center.
    • Integration with MP Wiki

    Learn more about MP Tuner and download a free trial here.

  • AzureAppSpy, which provides an effortless way for developers to check the progress and testing of their Azure cloud application development work…at any time and from anywhere…right from their Windows Phone. It enables engineers to test application reliability in the cloud, sends alerts when failures occur or extra instances are needed, and allows developers to correct actions without having to work at their desktop. Using AzureAppSpy, it is easy to implement Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) for your application.
  • AzureAppSpy Desktop Agent, which offers even more power for your developer's workstation. It communicates with the Azure Management Portal to collect extended Hosted Services information…to store in WAD…so you can access it through AzureAppSpy. The Desktop Agent can identify Hosted Services by DNS prefix and offer "Favorite" and "Click to Go" features.

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