BI and Big Data


The VIAcode engineering team can help your company escape its Big Data trap.

Our technical teams:

  • Take massive volumes of corporate, sales, marketing or technical data and convert it into actionable intelligence through dynamic BI and Big Data solutions.
  • Add better analytics capability to existing applications to make them much more powerful.
  • Recommend the best tools available category-by-category to find, analyze, synthesize and deliver the data you need to make the best possible decisions.
  • Apply advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to find and act on data correlations that were previously unknowable by leveraging both structured and unstructured data that lives inside and outside your organization.

Areas of Expertise


What We Deliver

Nearly all of our technologists have at least one advanced degree in a highly data-focused discipline such as advanced mathematics, astrophysics, electrical engineering or computer science. We put this data science knowledge to work daily in our engagements with clients.

Our Big Data Services

  • Big Data Strategy Development – where we help you set your analytical priorities, analyze the current state of your data, create the requirements for your analytics application and select the tools you need to get the job done.
  • Applications Development – where we create the custom application, algorithms, and machine learning tools you need to learn more about your data every day.
  • Big Data Application Extensions – which add modern Big Data technologies and methods to traditional enterprise applications to deliver more meaningful insights.
  • Dedicated Data Mining teams – that can leverage the tools we’ve built for your company as well as commercial tools to find and deliver the answers you need.



  • Build more transparent systems.
    • By making data continuously available, your business can improve security and safety of systems, reduce search and processing time, improve effectiveness of resource management, save energy and help meet customer expectations
  • More effectively segment your customers in order to make more targeted and effective decisions.
    • Tailor products and services for client's needs
    • Implement real-time micro-segmentation
    • Treat customers in a personalized way
  • Replace or improve human decision-making with algorithms and machine learning that accurately predict customer behavior.
    • Find hidden insights that affect decision-making
  • Automatically fine-tune your inventories, expenses, logistics, pricing, etc.
  • Act on the “breaking news” that lives in your data.
  • Create “early opportunity” and “early warning” mechanisms that enable you to feel the “heartbeat of your business.”
  • Quickly find execution gaps and fix them.
  • Leverage your computing power much more efficiently and gain access to better answers earlier.

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